Paramaribo SPAN

From the website:
Span is a word common to English, Dutch, and Sranan, via different etymologies, and with a range of meanings, nuances, implications.

The project has three separate but interconnected platforms: an exhibition, which will open in Paramaribo in February 2010; a book to be published in three editions (Dutch, English, Portuguese); and this blog, which is at once a journal, an archive, and an independent creative undertaking.

Featured above: Kurt Nahar’s 8 Dec 1982 installation at Fort Zeelandia, which refers to the December Killings. Fifteen people — trade unionists, journalists, academics, and soldiers — known to be opposed to the government, were rounded up, interrogated, tortured, and killed in this fort.

Dates: 26 Feb - 14 Mar 2010
Venue: De Surinaamsche Bank (DSB) garden, Henck Arron Straa, Paramaribo

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