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"I could take two 32oz Big Gulp cups from the 7-Eleven and do more than what they are doing."
- Louisana's shrimp king Dean Blanchard on BP's clean-up strategy (The Guardian)

"I am not going to start intervening in a debate which clearly risks descending into megaphone diplomacy."
- British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg on Obama's imcreasingly strident criticism of BP (The Guardian)

"I live in Delhi and regularly see Mein Kampf on sale on the roadside along with Who Moved My Cheese. It's positioned as a great self help book."
- scunnie81 on Bollywood's new film about Hitler (The Guardian)
The tongue unlocked, with everything to say,
Forgets its borders and lets loose its songs;
The mind receives them and, like alchemy,
Makes gold of what was lost or shot away.

- Sir Andrew Motion

Derived from the article Guarding the privilege of free speech on Guardian
Paramaribo SPAN

From the website:
Span is a word common to English, Dutch, and Sranan, via different etymologies, and with a range of meanings, nuances, implications.

The project has three separate but interconnected platforms: an exhibition, which will open in Paramaribo in February 2010; a book to be published in three editions (Dutch, English, Portuguese); and this blog, which is at once a journal, an archive, and an independent creative undertaking.

Featured above: Kurt Nahar’s 8 Dec 1982 installation at Fort Zeelandia, which refers to the December Killings. Fifteen people — trade unionists, journalists, academics, and soldiers — known to be opposed to the government, were rounded up, interrogated, tortured, and killed in this fort.

Dates: 26 Feb - 14 Mar 2010
Venue: De Surinaamsche Bank (DSB) garden, Henck Arron Straa, Paramaribo
Postcards from the World exhibition

Romanian cartoonist Dan Perjovschi is exhibiting illustrations inspired by his travels. His works are described as: insightful, humorous and satirical.
Picture credit:

: 14 January - 20 February 2010
Venue: Lompard-Freid Projects, New York, US

For those who can't attend it, check out this Flickr slideshow!
Yu Jianrong 于建嵘 has never received formal art training before he started painting portraits of Chinese petitioners. Look at what he is now doing!
Picture credit: Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报

As a sociologist, he comes into contact with many petitioners. He'd initially commissioned artists to do a series of 10 portraits using photographs. After rejecting their work for being too unimaginative (匠气 jiangqi), he picked up the brush and did it himself.
Graffiti exhibition
An exhibition of graffiti works about child soldiers

Please note: This slideshow was generated automatically through using the term "child soldier" on Flickr. Photos may not conform to the theme.

Date: As long as this blog entry lasts
Venue: Here
Traid 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Traid (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development) is holding an exhibition featuring top model Erin O'Connor (pictured below) who had just visited India. The trip was to check out an initiative by local organisation SEWA (All India Federation of Self-Employed Women's Associations), which is helping hundreds of garment home workers to increase their wages (by doing away with middle men). So far, Monsoon, Next, H&M and Gap are involved.
Date: 1-10 February 2010
Venue: Richard Young Gallery, London, UK

Where Three Dreams Cross

  • Exhibition of images from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • Includes images from the first Indian-run photographic studios in the 19th century, social realism and reportage photography from the 1940s, the documentation of key political moments, amateur photography from the 1960s, and street photography from the 1970s.
  • Images from private family archives, galleries, individuals and works by leading contemporary artistes
Date: 21 Jan - 1 Apr, 2010
Venue: Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK

[Picture credits: Rashid Talukdar (top) and Mohammad Ali Selim]

Did you know that the UK is home to one of the biggest Himalayan diaspora communities outside of South Asia?

Event: Himalaya Film and Cultural Festival
Date: 28 Jan - 12 Feb 2010
Venue: Various; UK

Shown below: Frozen, a film that will be screened during the festival.

Film synopsis: Shot in the icy Winter of Ladakh, in India’s far north, Frozen is the story of a small family left without a mother. In debt and with few sources of income, Karma has difficulty supporting his two children Lasya and Chomo. Their lives become even more difficult when the army sets up camp a stone’s throw from their house.
Lukasz Rostkowski, 27, mixes in historical soundtracks, including the voice of ex-Polish president Lech Walesa. The jazz, trip hop and electro musician explains how a sometimes pessimist view of his country’s past has inspired him in his musical projects, for which he has just picked up a 2009 ‘Passport award’ from the journalists at Polityka.

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